October 26th - 28th 2018 at 08:00 p.m


October 26th,   2018  08:00 p.m

Rémi Panossian Trio

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Rémi Panossian (born 1983, Montpellier, France), started playing piano at the age of seven. He was only ten years old when he attended a Michel Petrucciani concert and got hooked on jazz. Rémi studied at the Montpellier Jazz School, not only learning musical theory and the history of jazz, but also improvisation at which he excelled. He took part in many master classes and had the good fortune to interact with such musical greats as Stéphane Kochoyan, Steve Coleman and Andy Milne. In 2002 Rémi met the outstanding double bass player, Julien Duthu and the two started what has proven to be a fruitful collaboration with the release of “No End” an MP3 album in 2005, and in 2008 the CD, “Two”, released on the Plus Loin label for harmonia mundi. The duo received a Best New Talent award from L’Académie du Jazz, the French Jazz Academy. After 2 duet cds, many concerts, and great collaborations (Aldo Romano, Francesco Bearzatti, Pierrick Pedron, Rick Margitza…) Remi Panossian, began the trio adventure on the end of 2009 with Maxime Delporte on double bass and Frederic Petitprez on drums. After the release of this album The trio has performed on many stages around the world such as in Canada, Ottawa jazz festival, Montreal jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, and London Sunfest, in Europe, New Morning, Enjoy jazz festival(Germany)… IN Asia( South Korea, China, Japan…)and many others.

Schime Trio + One

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Schime Trio is Serbian jazz band formed in 2015 in Belgrade and consists of:  Predrag Milutinović  (drums), Boris Sainovic (bass) and Luka Ignjatović (saxophone). From the very beginning, the band was focused on performing original music written by the band's saxophone player Luka Ignjatović. Apart from playing original music, influenced by contemporary jazz, traditional jazz and classical music, big part of Schime Trio’s playing is about collective improvisation and interaction. Schime Trio released their first album "Do You Really Wanna Play?" in 2016, for the publishing house Metropolis Music Company. After the publication of this release Schime Trio was invited to perform at the Belgrade Jazz Festival. At that point, the band joined pianist Sava Miletić and for the first time the band performed under the name "Schime Trio + One".  Performance at the Belgrade Jazz Festival has attracted great attention of domestic and foreign critics, in particular jazz critics with rave reviews by two of the most famous jazz magazines in the world "Downbeat Magazine" and "All About Jazz".  Schime Trio + One second album entitled "Visualization" was issued by the Swiss publishing house "UNIT Records" in May 2018. In early 2018 the band joined the tenor saxophonist Rastko Obradović. In this extended formation called “Schime Trio + Two” in May 2018 performed at the famous festival "Moers" (Germany) and in August of the same year at the festival "Jazz in Marsiac" in France, as finalists European Radio Competition. The band is currently preparing a new album.

October 27 th, 2018  08:00 p.m

Miklós Lukács Trio

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Cimbalom player Miklós Lukács, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding figures among Hungarian musicians, established his own trio, Cimbiosis, in 2013, with György Baló on drums and György Orbán on double bass, both of them being his fellow-musicians in numerous other Hungarian groups. “My idea while composing for the trio was to create sort of chamber-music with equal emphasis on each musician. The group’s name reflects on this crucial symbiosis between the members” said Lukács whose virtuoso playing paired with a constant exploration of his unique instrument to reveal yet undiscovered sounds of it and whose obvious ease to combine almost every genres of music even in one bar or sequence, is captivating his listeners each time. Jazz is as much of an inspiration for Lukács as classical and contemporary music, it’s impossible to tell which is more present in the compositions. The trio’s first album, Miklós Lukács Trio: Cimbiózis appeared in 2014 on the prestigious Hungarian label Fonó Records and was well received both by critics and audience. It was soon followed by their second one, Budapest Anzix in 2015. On this latter they open the gates wide and we may learn a lot through their music about their relationship to the city and their feelings. They are sending postcards from Budapest: about its quiet daybreaks, its daytime buzz and bustle, the colourful afternoons and its mystical and serene nights. About a city, where music, love and affection can be found. Where they now live but will once leave behind. The pieces are sort of telling us stories: dramatic passions, events are taking place, presented with a surprising power; the instruments appear as human beings with all their complex feelings, relations and conflicts. Miklós Lukács - cimbalom György Orbán - double bass István Baló – drums.

INFINITUDE: Ingrid & Christine Jensen

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Infinitude – the concept of boundless possibility – is at the center of the music of Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Over the past twenty years or so, as trumpeter and saxophonist respectively, the West Canadian sisters have each shaped prolific careers in contemporary jazz, collaborating with influential names such as Clark Terry, Maria Schneider and Terry Lynn Carrington, working with large and small ensembles, and responding to various commissions to compose for jazz orchestras around the globe. With Infinitude, the Jensens have realized a long-held ambition – to write for and perform in the more intimate setting of a quintet. On this tour, they are joined by their long-term musical friend, the renowned Swedish pianist Maggi Olin, with Chris Jennings on bass and Karl Jannuska on drums.


"(Infinitude) achieves a rare distinction of being able to simultaneously combine tranquillity with rhythmic vibrancy, coalescing in a near hypnotic fusion of tone and colour. A rare delight." ★★★★ John Kelman, All About Jazz

“Encompasses everything from carefully composed, gentle melodic lines to utterly free, spontaneous passages, Infinitude presents a vast soundscape.” Ed Enright, Downbeat Magazine

October 28th, 2018  08:00 p.m

Julia Hülsmann Trio

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Julia Hülsmann is one of the most prominent European jazz musicians of the present and has a special affinity for the human voice. Rebekka Bakken, Roger Cicero, Theo Bleckmann - the list of their collaborations with vocalists is as dazzling as it is long. The Süddeutsche Zeitung calls her the "fine spirit among the German jazz pianists," whose melodic-like playing virtually dictates the closeness to poetry and song. 

Together with the Norwegian, Live Maria Roggen, the Portuguese with Angolan roots Aline Frazão and the ECHO jazz award winner Michael Schiefel, she has now formed a top-class ensemble. This includes double bass player Eva Kruse and drummer Eva Klesse, and - with cellist Stephan Braun and violinist Héloïse Lefebvre - two sought-after strings from the borderline of classical, jazz and pop.

When three wonderful singers meet in joint poems produced dyed and mesmerizing sound. All three have contributed something to their poems or newly produced texts which, Julia Hülsmann composed. In addition were created and new interpretations of songs Alanis Morissette, Ani DiFranco, Archive and Feist.

Kompost 3

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The four members of KOMPOST 3 have been making music together since 2009; a project that began in a shared apartment in Vienna’s Third District and has grown into one of the most exciting young formations of Austria’s jazz and improv scene. The band released 4 critically acclaimed albums, won the international Bremen Jazz Award and the BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award and has been touring throughout Europe, in Mexico and in the United States. 

Their upcoming album will be released in September 2018 and is once again a perfect example of the band’s ability to reinvent itself, while always being on the lookout for new sounds and musical expression free of any blinkered mindsets. The outcome is a groove oriented blend of mesmerizing soundscapes riddled with avant-garde and progressive elements which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.


“A delightful, inventive, risk-taking, entertaining, moving musical export from Austria, crowned with awards and esteemed highly by international audiences.” - DrumHeads.

“…KOMPOST 3 creates bizarre, absurd musical landscapes. They use and abuse their instruments with such obvious enjoyment and imagination that one can only listen, smiling and shaking one’s head, eyes wide with delight like a kid allowed to open one present after another.” - Musikreviews