October 24 th - 26 th 2019 at 08:00 p.m

International Jazz Fest Kragujevac

International JazzFest Kragujevac is a multi-day music festival that has been organized traditionally for years, in the last week of October, in the city of Kragujevac, in Central Serbia. The Festival was founded in 2000 as the need for cultural changes in society and the transformation of the cultural policy of the city of Kragujevac. Since 2007 it’s managed by the Art & Business Agency “Re-kreativno dud”, from Central Serbia. Year after year, the Festival has become one of the most important music event, not only for the city but the entire region. The aim of this event is to bring a fresh breath of art and culture to the professional community and lovers of jazz music. Over the years, the Festival visitors have an opportunity to enjoy the performances of world re-known jazz musicians and get acquainted with the achievements of local and foreign artists,. 


So far in the city of Kragujevac has hosted more than 600 musicians (80 bands) from more than 30 countries, such as Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, etc.

Specific objectives of the Festival are: 
- promotion of the right values and consistency of the quality of programme; 
- strengthening cultural diversity; 
- promotion of music festivals in the country and abroad; 
- promotion of cultural tourism of the City of Kragujevac and its development; 
- promotion of public - private partnership in the field of culture; 
- promotion of young talents and providing opportunities for their presentation at the Festival
- improvement of the education of gifted students.

 Festival offers a wide range of practical lessons in the field of music and experience with the world's re-known  jazz musicians. 


As an indispensable part of the Festival the master classes have its own place in which knowledge and experience of eminent local and foreign musicians are to be transmitted to all interested participants. Master classes give participants, mostly students and pupils, the opportunity to supplement their studies through interaction with legendary guest performers whose insight and experience exemplify the highest levels of musical achievement

After the official program of the Festival and concerts, Jam sessions are usually organized every evening. These are relatively informal musical events in which musicians improvise jazz music without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements. The other purpose of these events is that jazz musicians develop new music materials and find suitable arrangement.  Both styles are used as a social gathering and communal practice session in order to increase artistic commitment and innovative approach.  The holders of the accompanying program are young musicians and artists and some of them are presenting to the public for the first time. Besides all the guests, visitors and other jazz lovers have chance to participate.


Every year the organizers are giving their best to expands its offer, to maintain the quality and diversity when it comes to selection of the artists and repertoire,  but also all related educational programs and creative character. In addition to regular and loyal audience, each year the Festival attracts more and more  youth supporters in the context of development a new audience, which presence and participation at the Festival, adds a new, fresh note of October's traditional event of our city.